How to Edit Sent Messages on WhatsApp (New Feature)

Like the Telegram, Now Whatsapp is testing a feature that enables the users to edit the text messages even after sending them. Currently, there is no option in the Official Whatsapp App to edit the Sent messages on whatsapp but we can see this option in beta versions.

Recently, the WhatsApp Beta version App is spotted to be adding an option that enables to re-edit the sent messages on Whatsapp. This feature will let you re-write the sent message without any mistakes like typing errors and spelling mistakes.

Edit text messages – WhatsApp

Instead of Deleting the hole sent message, we can edit the message with a simple tap and hold the message. Currently, this feature is running in beta version and soon every one will get this option to edit your sent whatsapp messages. Also read: Skills to learn to become a freelancer as a Student

Now we can chat on whatsapp without any deleting messages. We saw this feature in the Telegram app long back and now we are getting the same feature in whatsapp.

It will let us to edit the sent whatsapp message like spelling mistakes and errors, without completely deleting the message from the chat which looks not fine for the message receiver. Also, read | How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

Whatsapp Edit message after sending

How to edit whatsapp message after sending

We can also see that Whatsapp has started testing The Chat reaction box color. All these features are a part of the latest whatsapp Beta version for Android users.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp App has started testing the New Feature that allows users to edit their text messages even after sending them. It will appear along the side of the existing Info and Copy options when you long-press on a whatsapp message.

WABetaInfo has shared a couple of Whatsapp screenshots on this feature. How to edit a WhatsApp message after sending. Also, read: Best Tips to overcome inflation

It is unclear whether the recipient of the whatsapp message will be able to know the status of the message just like the Telegram messenger App. Also read: what is insurance

The screenshots shared on the official website WABetaInfo to give us a glimpse of the whatsapp development are taken from a recent whatsapp beta version. However, WhatsApp is already said announced that it is working on introducing the edit option for iOS and desktop users as well.

How to Edit Sent Messages in WhatsApp (Android )

How to edit whatsapp message after sending
  1. Open Whatsapp App
  2. Now open the chat, that you wish to edit the message.
  3. Find the Message that you want to edit.
  4. Tap and hold on to the message.
  5. Now click on the Edit option.
  6. Edit your message and send it.
  7. That’s it.


1. There is no option to edit in my whatsapp App

To get this Option, Edit the sent message. Make sure to update the whatsapp App from Google playstore.

2. When will I get the Whatsapp message edit Option

Currently, this option is rolling out on the latest Whatsapp beta version. soon Everyone will get this feature.

3. Is it possible to edit a WhatsApp message once sent?

yes, it is possible. you can edit the whatsapp message even after sending it. To get this feature you need to update your whatsapp to the latest version.

4. How to correct a mistake on WhatsApp?

you can edit the sent message on whatsapp by tapping and holding on to the message. If you don’t see any option to edit then make sure to update the whatsapp app to the latest version

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